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Testimonial from a former Acting for Scientists student:

“I would like to share with you an update about a very important achievement for me. I went to a workshop in Sardinia, Italy last week called Mediterranean Seagrass Workshop.  At the end of the meeting they awarded students for best oral and poster presentations.  They gave me an award.

This would not be possible if I had not practiced the way we learned during the [Acting for Scientists] class.  I wrote my full script, I read it out loud many times and [practiced] my vowel sounds.  I memorized the first sentence of all slides.  I was behind a podium and we were using a handheld microphone that was fixed to the podium.  I remembered to adjust it to my height and angle.  I made eye contact.  Did the power pose before my talk.  Took pauses between concepts, and used my hands for comparisons only!

Overall I was more aware and happy as a presenter.
I am thankful for your guidance.”

-Billur Celebi

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