Public Speaking: Warm Up Your Voice Before Your Next Scientific Talk

Thank you to all our readers for your positive response to our Stretching Warm Up blog post!  Since the warm up stretches were so helpful, we wanted to give you more great warm up material.  So, this time Jenifer has put together an awesome video for you all, which will lead you through some vocal exercises that you can do to help warm up your voice before your next scientific presentation!

Aside from your research, your voice is probably the most important component in communicating your work and its results to your audience.  You need your voice to be ready for the challenge of public speaking, and the best way to make sure your audience can hear and understand you is to warm up your voice in preparation for your next talk.

These exercises are simple and beneficial, and can easily be performed in your hotel room, in the car on your way to the science conference, or even in a bathroom stall before your scientific talk begins.

Give these exercises a try.  They are fun to do, they will help cut down on your pre-conference nerves, and when you do them, you will be easier to hear and understand, because your voice will be warmed up and ready to speak with confidence!

Let us know which of these help you the most (or least).  What tools do you use to prepare and warm up just before presenting your work?  We love hearing from you, and we will reply to each and every one of you.  Also, if you like what you’ve seen, share this with a friend!


Jenifer and Adriénne

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