Fred Dobbs

One of Jenifer’s career goals, to bring science to the public via theatre, put her in contact with me more than four years ago.  We since have collaborated on multiple projects, most notably a graduate-level class entitled, “Acting for Scientists”; of course, Jenifer played the lead role in its development.  Our course has proven popular and in some cases, formative for graduate students and post-docs.  Even “mature” scientists will benefit from her methods; as the course’s “assistant director”, I’ve learned several techniques that I’ve employed in my seminars.

Jenifer—and in fact, anyone who has attended a scientific conference—realizes that few of us have been formally trained in addressing an audience.  Too often we speak too softly or too quickly, turn our heads away from the microphone, read our slides, abuse the laser pointer.  These “mechanical” issues, however, are easily resolved compared to acquiring the higher-level skills of engaging listeners, telling stories effectively, and finishing definitively.  Jenifer’s abilities as a theatrical director will help you improve noticeably in both areas.  She will coach you in methods used by actors to stay simultaneously focused and relaxed on stage.  You will become a better speaker working with Jenifer!

-Fred Dobbs

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