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Facilitating workshops and giving keynotes are my two favorite things to do. I especially like conferences that take place near mountains (Denver, anyone?), in places I’ve never been (please, please, please invite me to New Zealand), and in Midwestern Paradises (yup, I’m talking to you, Louisville).

Here’s some stuff I can do – but it’s just a sampling. When I come to you, I work to make sure what I bring serves your organization.

Keynotes: Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

  • The Acting for Scientists Stage Show: A Rollicking Adventure in Which Yours Truly Vanquishes Fear and Eliminates Insecurity and Early Career Scientist Wins the Oscar in Awesome Science Presentation!
  • The Art and Science MASH-UP: How Performance Practices + Science Expertise = The Creative Thinking You Need to Succeed.
  • “But I Don’t Get Paid to Communicate:” Leading Communication Culture Change in Your Organization.
  • Acting for Scientists: Win the Oscar in Awesome Science Presentation.


Acting for Scientists:

This three day Pre-Conference Workshop uses the Acting for Scientists Curriculum. I’ll lead you through all the acting exercises you need to earn an Oscar in Science Presentation. We’ll vanquish your fear and eliminate your insecurity. Everyone will improve their public speaking and presentation skills. Includes the Acting For Scientists ebook for all participants. (max: 50 participants)

Leadership and Listening for Faculty Labs:

You spent decades developing your science chops. You spent years writing unsuccessful grants. You spent weeks on job applications, phone interviews, and campus visits. And now you have exactly what you always wanted. Your own lab with staff and a budget. Ever heard the phrase “Careful what you wish for?” This three-day workshop will give you the MBA in people management no one told you you needed.  (Max 50 participants)

Preparing Your Job Talk: Make them Want to Work With You:

Your job talk is the most important talk of your career. And it’s tricky. You’ll be presenting your research to a group largely unfamiliar with your sub-discipline. You have to highlight your scholarly work and prove that you can earn tenure at their university. BUT the most important part of the job talk is highlighting your best self so the people in the room will want to attend university cocktail parties with you for the next 40 years. This coaching-based workshop requires that participants prepare their job talks in advance. We’ll work together, not only to improve your public speaking and presentation skills, but also to make sure your amazing job talk shows off both your amazing science and your amazing self. (Max 10 participants)

Leadership Coaching:  1-on-1 sessions to support individuals and small groups in their work towards more effective lab leadership.

Presentation Coaching:  1-on-1 and small group coaching to develop presentations, job talks, and keynotes.

Let’s work together to get me to your campus or conference.  I promise I’ll be both useful and fun. Let me know what you’re thinking below.



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Regarding Acting for Scientists: “The course has proven popular and in some cases, formative for graduate students and post-docs.  Even ‘mature’ scientists will benefit from her [Jenifer’s] methods; I’ve learned several techniques that I’ve employed in my seminars.”

-Dr. Fred Dobbs, Professor of Ocean, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences at Old Dominion University